Corporate Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic corporate environment”

Here at Wild Heart Yoga we can come into your work place to provide a much-needed respite during a busy week at work! Studies have shown that yoga within the workplace has many benefits such as:

🧘Reduced stress levels

🧘‍♀️Reduced back pain

🧘🏼Prevents injuries

🧘‍♀️Improves concentration

🧘🏼Reduces depression

🧘‍♀️Improves both physical and mental health

🧘🏼Team building


The aim of bringing yoga into workplace is to leave your employees happier, healthier, energised and refreshed.


Enjoy weekly before work/lunchtime classes specifically tailored to address the aches, pains, stresses and strains of corporate life. Our classes are suitable for employees of all ages and skill levels.

Whether it’s your first yoga class or you’ve practiced before our classes are tailored to meet employees needs.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us either on our page or email us at

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