"Thank you so much Wild Heart Yoga. Kate and Jane you have given us the most wonderful experience on our yoga retreat at Reindeer Cottage. Beautiful surroundings, the most lovely food and yoga workshops which were not only accessible to all, they also motivated us all to challenge ourselves at our own level. So inspiring, taking each one of us on an emotional and physical journey within such a warm and safe environment.  Your beautiful, generous hearts and spirits shone and left something special with each one of us lucky enough to have been there. We all felt it!"

"I have never been to a yoga retreat before but as soon as I arrived it felt like a second home. The connections I made with the women at the retreat were so beautiful and I will treasure forever. The whole experience completely revitalised my love for yoga and reminded me of how strong I could be if I just believed in myself more (definitely going to be trying more headstands around the house now!). The food and scenery only added to the beauty of the entire weekend. Jane, Kate and Hannah have created such a beautiful space where everyone feels welcome. I recommend to anyone to take the time out for themselves and spend some time in the company of these remarkable women, with amazing food, people, scenery and yoga. I can’t wait for any future retreats but for now, I will hold onto the magic that was created at the weekend as I move forward. I have never felt more filled with love! :)"

"My intention for the first yoga flow on Sunday was: I am strong, I am valuable, I am loved, I am light, I am the change. We are strong; we are valuable, we are loved, we are light, we are the change. I feel blessed for having the opportunity to share with you all those valuables moments. Kate, Jane, thank you for taking such good care of us.xx Next time I doubt about my capabilities, I will remember that Goodness pose, find my strength, I will tell my self - I can do it (even without hands!!"

"Absolutely loved today's workshop. Not only did I come away feeling so restored and relaxed but I've come away with a whole new outlook on yoga. Cant wait to learn more with you guys."

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