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Welcome to Wild Heart Yoga.

We are a family of three wild-hearted women sharing our love of yoga and its inclusiveness to all ages and abilities. We invite you to let go, release your wild side and join us on our journey of exploration, doing what feels good for you in this very moment of time.

We are very passionate about individuals quality of life and truly believe that yoga is a powerful practice that can benefit you both mentally and physically.

Dare to try something new? Come and join the Knight Yogi's for a variety of Vinyasa flow classes suited to all individuals of all ages. We cant wait to meet you!




Hi There!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to Wild Heart Yoga Knights, we are a family of three wild-hearted women wanting to share our love and experience yoga. We three women have discovered our love of yoga very much whilst on our own paths and varying stages of life. From maidenhood to mother hood and into later life and the challenge that too brings. Our practice has seen us through some rocky times and has been a powerful tool providing each of us with our own space to heal, to discover to adventure and to find inner strength.

We truly believe that "movement is medicine" and that yoga can have many benefits both mental and physical. We are very passionate about expressing that yoga has a space for anyone, any age, any ability. We invite you to join our journey of self exploration, flowing through postures that feel good for both your mind and body..

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