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Welcome to Wild Heart Yoga.

We are a family of three wild-hearted women sharing our love of yoga and its inclusiveness to all ages and abilities. We invite you to let go, release your wild side and join us on our journey of exploration, doing what feels good for you in this very moment of time.

We are very passionate about individuals quality of life and truly believe that yoga is a powerful practice that can benefit you both mentally and physically.

Dare to try something new? Come and join the Knight Yogi's for a variety of Vinyasa flow classes suited to all individuals of all ages. We cant wait to meet you!




Props are our friend

Lord of the Dance Pose can be played around with in many variations. This posture requires foundation, stability, balance and concentration as well as enjoyment! In order to progress into this pose a strap can be seen as a very useful prop….props are our friend!!

The strap can be a great way to help encourage the leg to lift higher whilst building strength in the spine, shoulders, quads and glutes as you kick back into it.

First things first for this pose it is important to set your drishti (this is a gazing technique that helps us concentrate)

Next ground down through your standing leg like the roots of a tree going deep into the soil. Then lift your other foot behind you and loop the strap around the top of it and pull both ends of the strap over your shoulders.

Then slowly bring your elbows up, facing forwards and squeeze your biceps in towards your ears. It is important to try and keep your hips squared facing the front of your mat whilst you kick your leg back into the strap and gently come into a back bend.

Eventually over time your leg will be able to lift and kick back higher and your hands will move up the strap making it shorter, thus performing a deeper back bend and heart opener.

Remember baby steps, nothing great comes rushed.

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