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Welcome to Wild Heart Yoga.

We are a family of three wild-hearted women sharing our love of yoga and its inclusiveness to all ages and abilities. We invite you to let go, release your wild side and join us on our journey of exploration, doing what feels good for you in this very moment of time.

We are very passionate about individuals quality of life and truly believe that yoga is a powerful practice that can benefit you both mentally and physically.

Dare to try something new? Come and join the Knight Yogi's for a variety of Vinyasa flow classes suited to all individuals of all ages. We cant wait to meet you!





Show your spine some love and twist it out! Over time the muscles and surrounding tissues of the spine can become stiff. Adding a twist into your daily routine comes with many benefits:

⭐️Restores and retains the spines natural range of motion

⭐️Maintains the health of discs and facet joints

⭐️Increases cellular detoxification

⭐️Stimulates circulation by flushing the organs with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients ⭐️Enhances digestion

⭐️Relieves back ache

⭐️Improves posture

⭐️Relieves bloating ⭐️Releases tension

⭐️Top Tip⭐️

A slumped over posture will limit spinal rotation so when twisting focus on elongating your spine. Inhale to lengthen and exhale to twist. -Each part of your spine has a different rotational mobility, therefore it’s important never to rush or force a twist. -Begin a twist from your lower back and let it gradually unfold working it’s way up your spine within your own range.

Important note- Never force yourself into a twist if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right! Listen to your body

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